How it works

How do you get started?

So your considering hiring us to make your video. What happens next?

Feel free to give our friendly experts a call on 07740 360605.
We will then ask you a few questions such as these:

  • What style of video are you looking to produce?

    See our Services page for our production range.

  • Do you have a strong vision for this video already?

    If the answer is yes, we will then discuss how to make your vision a reality. If not then don't worry, we can create ideas for your approval, when the video is planned we can then discuss what actors or presenters you may need (if any) and what locations may be required.

  • What is your budget for this production? (Pricing examples)

    If you do not have an exact figure in mind do not worry, after we have discussed your video we aim to present you with a quote within 24hrs (sometimes this may take upto 48hrs if specialist equipment, crew or locations are needed).

  • Where do you plan to use this video?

    Are you going to produce DVDs or is it for a website etc. This question is very important as the answer can influence the way we produce your video from the start.

The more answers to these questions you have when you first call us the quicker we can get to the fun part but rest assured we are friendly and efficient and are here to help and guide you if so required.

Call us today on 07740360605 or email us for questions or quotes.